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Over the past 25 years, Gregory Family Dental's dentures have been designed to be the most natural and comfortable fitting dentures possible. Using our techniques, we are able to customize a set of dentures specifically for your mouth. This specially fit denture will allow you to smile with confidence, and eat with comfort. The Gregory Family Dental denture is so natural, that even the ones closest to you would not know you were wearing dentures.

What are dentures?

A denture is a prosthesis when a patient is unable to save their teeth. It's designed to look and function as close as possible to your natural teeth. Most dentures fit well without help. However, as the gum tissue shrinks, with time dentures may fail to fit as well when they were new. If the dentures are not replaced when this happens, the jaw will continue to shrink, creating a greater problem for denture fit. All of these potential issues will be taken into account when a patient is evaluated for dentures at Gregory Family Dental.